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Selected Publications

Published in , 1900

Selected Recognitions:

  • 3c won a Distinguished Paper Award at OOPSLA 2022.
  • DR.CHECKER was 2017 Internet Defense Prize Runner up.
  • Ramblr won a Distinguished Paper Award at NDSS 2017.
  • Dynodroid won a Distinguished Artifact Award at FSE 2013.



Talks and Presentations

Unleashing D_ on Android Kernel Drivers.
Aravind Machiry.
nullcon - International Security Conference 2018.

Piston: Uncooperative Remote Runtime Patching.
Chris Salls, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Nick Stephens, Giovanni Vigna, and Christopher Kruegel
ACSAC 33 , USA (2017).

Cyber Grand Shellphish.
Y. Shoshitaishvili, A. Bianchi, K. Borgolte, J. Corbetta, F. Disparati, A. Dutcher, G. Vigna, Aravind Machiry, C. Salls, N. Stephens, F. Wang, J. Grosen.
DEFCON USA 24 (2016).

Million Dollar Baby: Towards ANGRly conquering DARPA CGC.
Aravind Machiry.
nullcon - International Security Conference 2016.


Operating System Engineering

Undergraduate course

Higher-level systems course involving hands-on exercises in building various components of an Operating System.

Holistic Software Security

Graduate course

The course provides a complete overview of different aspects of software security and standard techniques used to solve various software security problems.